We Want YOU to Blog for The Bench Press

By Danielle Waugh, Empire Public Relations Director

We Want you to BLOG for the Bench Press

At The Bench Press, we’ll work hard to publish the content that you want to see.  We have a good idea of what this content is because, just like you, we’re members of the Empire Family.  But The Bench Press is a two-way street—a social hub for our Family—and that means welcoming anybody to suggest story ideas and publish posts.

I have worked in news media for several years and have picked up some tips and tricks along the way that I hope will help you to get started.  When you’re ready to submit your idea, visit the Connect page to start the publication process.

Without further a due, here are my tips for writing a good blog post:

Topic Selection

Blog posts should be tightly focused, with just one or two main ideas. The topic should be geared toward human-interest. Blogs are less about facts, and more about personal stories and experiences.


There is no magic number for word count in blog posts, but generally speaking, 500-1,000 words is usually an appropriate length.

It is far more important to be well-written and attention grabbing, so if it takes you 3,000 words to write your post, that’s fine. But it has to be interesting! Readers have short attention spans.


Whenever possible, divide your blog post into sections because it will make your post easier to read and will help to focus your thoughts. There are nearly endless ways to separate your material. It’s usually best to start by thinking about what information is most important to both you and your reader. Then highlight that information in the section titles.

Pictures, Multimedia, links

This is not optional! Adding photos, embedding videos, and linking to other content is everything. Check out this article by Jeff Bullas that highlights the importance of including images.


In addition to using proper grammar, have a more light-hearted, conversational voice in your writing. You are allowed to refer to yourself: “I had the best time on the dinner cruise around the harbor, dancing with my friends.”

Have fun

Have fun and enjoy the process.

No idea is a bad one, so please submit your idea today!

About the Author

Danielle Waugh is the Empire Mock Trial Public Relations Director.  She is a reporter for NBC affiliate WCSH-6 in Portland, Maine.  Read more about Danielle here.


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