The DOs and DON’Ts of Being a Tourist in New York

The DOs and DON’Ts of Being a Tourist in New York

By Erin Engelmann


The competition is an important part of Empire but don’t let it rule your every waking moment while visiting the greatest city in the world! Get out, see the streets, the lights, the city that never sleeps! But while you’re out there hailing cabs and munching on street food there are a few things to keep in mind as a tourist…


DO wear good walking shoes. No matter where you’re headed there will be walking involved, possibly running (depending on how late you leave the hotel and the time of your reservation). I know you want to be a fashion-savvy New Yorker, but trust me, save the heels for the courtroom and the cruise.


DON’T be afraid to ask for directions. Yes, we New Yorkers are always in a hurry and constantly have a scowl on our face, but if you stop one of us and ask for directions we will gladly send you to your destination…just don’t expect the conversation to extend beyond ¨3 blocks west, across from Dunkin Donuts.¨


DO eat pizza. Eat lots and lots and lots of pizza and don’t let anyone tell you you’ve eaten too much. This isn’t even a tourist thing. New Yorkers literally live off of pizza (we’re only skinny because we’re always power walking to our next destination).


DON’T eat at chain restaurants. Did you really travel 3,000 miles to sit in the middle of Times Square and eat dinner at McDonalds? Really? Hop onto Yelp or ask the concierge to find you a place that’s unique to the city! (Starbucks is obviously the exception here.)


DO have a plan. If you’re spending a day exploring Manhattan, you don’t want to end up bouncing back and forth between uptown and downtown in cabs. Look at a map and figure out what things you might want to do and what’s near and far but…


DON’T be afraid to ditch your plan. Maybe you planned to get lunch on the upper east side but you stumbled upon the SandWitch cart in Bryant Park. Maybe you thought shopping 5th Ave would only take an hour but here you are 3 hours and 7 shopping bags later…it’s okay. Let New York interrupt your day and throw you in a different direction. Just enjoy the crazy experience and make it back to the hotel in one piece.


DO go to Times Square, the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty, or Central Park. Be a tourist. We’ll never admit it, but even native New Yorkers marvel at these spots when passing through or showing guests around.


DON’T expect to do it all. Unless you’re planning to extend your stay until Empire 2018 there’s no way you’ll have time to see all the city has to offer. That’s okay. Everyone has a New York experience that is unique to them. Embrace what you get out of New York and know the next time you you’ll probably have a completely different experience.


DO take a million pictures. Take scenic pics, selfies, group photos, do it all. Have your phone or your camera ready to go at all times because you’re going to want to remember this… and you’re going to want to make all of your friends back home jealous by posting your I ❤ NY pics all over Facebook and Insta…with the @EmpireMockTrial tag #EmpireNewYork.



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