The DOs and DON’Ts of Being a Tourist in San Francisco

The DOs and DON’Ts of Being a Tourist in San Francisco

By Camille Wyss


While spending most your day mocking away at Empire San Francisco, you may forget the bustling city that lies just outside of the hotel doors. Be sure to put down the rules of evidence, at least for an afternoon, and take time to be a tourist. Here is a definitive list of things you should try to do, and things you should try to avoid, while in San Francisco:


DO bring a jacket when you go anywhere. San Francisco is not sunny, southern California. It gets foggy. It gets windy. Bring a jacket.


DON’T wear Dodgers paraphernalia. You are now in Giants territory, there is a reason the locals say “Duck the Fodgers.”


DO visit Fisherman’s Wharf. You will certainly see no locals here but you will find fun shops, restaurants and awesome views of the bay. If you visit on Sunday morning, you will find a large farmer’s market complete with dozens of food trucks.


DON’T attempt to say “hella”. The locals can sniff a non-native attempting to use their jargon.


DO eat sourdough bread. New York has pizza, LA has fresh pressed juices, Dallas has barbecue, but San Francisco has bread. It’s a carb-lover’s dream.


DON’T live in fear of earthquakes. Earthquakes are not a daily occurrence, and are much more fun than you would expect. Plus “The Big One” isn’t supposed to happen for a few more decades…


DO take a ride on a cable car. It’s the closest thing San Francisco has to a roller coaster. Plus, the charm of a cable car never gets old.


DON’T be disappointed when you see the Golden Gate Bridge and discover that it is actually orange.


DO eat on the street. San Francisco has a wide variety of food trucks and street food. Find a lovely park and picnic.


DON’T be afraid to cross a bridge. People often forget about the land across the bay, but don’t forget about Oakland, Berkeley, and all the unique places across the bridge.


DO go to Ghirardelli Square. Who doesn’t love chocolate? This place will satisfy your deepest chocolate needs.


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