New York Packing List

If You’re Headed to New York…

By Erin Engelmann


Some of you have had your suitcase packed since the day you received word of your team’s acceptance to Empire NY. For the rest of us that live by the motto ¨I don’t need to pack until at least 12 hours before my plane leaves,¨ here is a packing list for your frantic 15-minute packing ordeal:


For the trip:

    • Comfortable pants: whether you’re taking a 2 hour bus ride or a 12 hour plane you’ll want to be comfy…and maybe catch some sleep because you won’t be getting any for the next 3-4 days.
    • Headphones: necessary for blocking out your distracting teammates while you last-minute memorize that cross/closing/affidavit
    • Sunglasses/hooded sweatshirt: If you’re team is anything like mine they’ll be waiting for a chance to take the most unflattering pictures of the first mocker to fall asleep… avoid the vultures with a hood and some shades.
    • Mock Trial Materials: This is your final chance for last-minute studying and memorizing…once you reach the Marriott you’ll be having too much fun to leave and do mock trial work by yourself.
    • Cuddle Buddy: I don’t know maybe this one is just me but I have a stuffed Sully from Monsters Inc. that I will not travel without (he also doubles as a plane/bus pillow). Maybe you’re too cool for a cuddle buddy…or maybe your cuddle buddy is your co-counsel, I’m not judging… #Mockcest …either way don’t forget them.


For Conquering the Concrete Jungle:

  • Warm jacket/ long pants – New York gets cold in the fall, especially with the wind, you’re going to want a jacket and some pants. It’s sweater weather.
  • Clothes you can layer – It’s cold, but you’re not in a winter wonderland yet so grab layers in case you get too warm.
  • Walking shoes – As I’ve said before New Yorkers walk everywhere and while you’re staying here with us this applies to you as well. Comfort > style on these streets.
  • Camera – how else are you going to take a classic Times Square selfie?


For the hotel:

  • Goodies from home – bring lots of trinkets from home to exchange with new friends at the Empire pin exchange.
  • Team shirt– teams generally dress together for opening ceremonies and pin exchange. This way you can easily find one another and assemble among hundreds of other mockers. Consider a classy polo or a witty t-shirt… my vote is always with witty t-shirt.
  • Empire gear – So that while wandering the halls of the Marriott other mockers know you’re one of them. Don’t have any stylish empire swag yet? Fear not:
  • Cruise attire – don’t forget your favorite dresses, slacks, and other classy dancing attire if you’re sailing around the harbor with us on Saturday


What to leave at home:

  • Shorts – No one wears shorts past September in New York so don’t pack them (looking at you So-Cal and Florida schools).
  • Firearms, aerosol cans, nunchucks – unfortunately they won’t let you bring them into the courthouse, so you might as well leave them home.
  • Actual School Work- You won’t have time for it and you’ll just stress yourself out having it with you. Also you might be like me and leave your English textbook in the hotel room. Woops. Just wait until the night you get home to worry about school.


… Also don’t forget your New York attitude



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