Your Ultimate Empire New York Playlist

By Erin Engelmann

The excitement’s been building as the opening ceremony approaches, but we all know the best way to get amped is with an epic playlist…. sooooo I’ve put together your ultimate Empire NY soundtrack. Expect lots of classic New York anthems and too much Jay-Z for your own good.

17) Obviously have to start it off with a classic. If Frank Sinatra can’t make you fall in love with New York, no one can.

16) …but if Sinatra failed here’s Beyonce. 

15) John Lennon knew New York was the best too.

14) This song is actually pretty relevant to mock trial.  ¨He’s nervous but on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop bombs but he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down…” ¨The clock’s run out, time’s up over now.¨ Eminem understands the struggle of memorizing openings and adhering to time constraints. 

13) For some of our international students…and edm fans

12) Ya know just your typical pop-rap song reminding you that you want to make a name for yourself at Empire. 

11) ¨New York is the place of opportunities.¨ 

10) So this song is not about New York but the name of the song is Empire so clearly it was necessary. (Also shout out to @kat_ellis_ for the recommendation)  

9) Brooklyn, aka Empire’s home borough.

8) More Brooklyn. This should describe your Empire preparation pretty accurately.  

7) Law & Order… no explanation needed.

6) In case you haven’t developed your NY attitude yet this should help. 

5) Because everyone needs to get into a New York State of Mind in the next week…and because Billy Joel. 

4) This song just makes me happy.  

3) Maybe you’ve only been here once before…or maybe you’ve never been but either way they call it Newwwww York City. 

2) Only one team can run this town. Will it be yours?

1) It’s the concrete jungle where dreams are made. Welcome.


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