Dealing with Post-Empire Depression (P.E.D)

So you’ve just arrived home from the best week/weekend of your life and now the real world seems so… bleh. Where are the flashing lights? The suits? The costumes? The accents? You just made 500 new friends and now they’re all dispersed throughout the world and it’s possible the love of your life is among them. Sigh. I’m sorry to say it’s going to take an unhealthy amount of chocolate ice cream and law-themed netflix (Suits, Law & Order, How to Get Away with Murder, The Good Wife, etc.)  to get you through the next few weeks but here are some other methods to avoid madness…

1) Visit and watch the promo video 10-15 times. In between viewings play your Empire playlist while looking through Empire pics to ensure ultimate nostalgia (I expect you’re already wearing your new Empire apparel).

2) Facebook: Go through your program and find all of your favorite teams and friend them… and then friend everyone else too just because (you will regret this in 3-4 weeks when your timeline is full of people you don’t actually know but for now it’s fine). Facebook stalk all your Empire best friends/crushes. Your future bae could be out there. Might as well know their life story now, right? Next, if you haven’t already joined the Facebook group GET ON IT ( so you can sulk with other Empire alum about your P.E.D.

3) Facetime/Skype: If you made any friends that you have literally been texting since your bus left the Marriott it’s not weird to Skype or Facetime with them. If you only vaguely met them in passing once, it might be a little creepy to ask them to video chat but hey if you’re feeling bold, go for it. After my first Empire I skyped with a group of kids from Ireland along with one of my teammates. Time differences can be a challenge but once you get past that hurtle it can be an incredibly fun and interesting experience to video chat with someone in another country and find out what they do with their lives outside of mock trial… this will remind you that, in fact, life does exist outside of mock trial.

4) Hang Out With Your Teammates: Lucky for you the best people you spent time with at Empire were on your own team. You had almost forgotten how awesome your teammates were until they broke their dance moves out on the cruise. Turns out your closer can twerk. Who knew. These are also the only people in driving/walking distance that understand the P.E.D. struggle. So after you’ve thoroughly Facebook stalked your Empire fam call up your teammates for a coffee date.

5) Start Preparing for Your State/Country Case: If you’re in California you’ve already been working on two cases so don’t have time to reminisce on Andy Allan because you have People v. Shem on your hands. If you’re in New England you have about a month until your next case. If you’re anywhere else, it’s probably somewhere in between. It may not be as exciting as your Empire case but remember if you make it to Nationals you’ll probably see a lot of the Empire family…and you’re already ahead of all of the teams who took the summer off.

6) Get excited for next year’s Empire or sign up to be a Volunteer! If you’re a senior mourning the loss of your Empire career apply to be an intern, volunteer, or to write for our blog. We’re always looking for interested Empire alumni to get involved with our leadership team!

7) Continue Reading The Bench Press: Empire may be over for now but The Bench Press will stay hot year round. So whenever you are missing your Empire family or just looking for some good old mock trial humor, check us out.

…and when all else fails just go back to chocolate ice cream and netflix.


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