San Francisco Packing List

If You’re Goin’ to San Francisco

By Camille Wyss


Packing is undeniably the hardest part of going on any trip. Hopefully this list can help guide you to packing success and ultimately success at Empire San Francisco:


For around the town:

  • Warm jacket – it gets quite cold, especially with the wind, you’re going to want a jacket
  • Long pants – it gets cold, you should wear pants
  • Clothes you can layer – if I havent made it quite clear: it gets cold. But sometimes it gets slightly less cold so dressing in layers is a great idea.
  • Walking shoes – your feet won’t be happy on the San Francisco hills without walking shoes
  • Camera – how else are you going to take a classic Golden Gate Bridge selfie?


For the competition:

  • Goodies from home – bring lots of trinkets from home to exchange with new friends at the Empire pin exchange.
  • Team shirt- teams generally dress together for opening ceremonies and pin exchange. Consider a classy polo or a witty t-shirt.
  • Trial clothes – make Justin Timberlake proud and bring that suit and tie.
  • Comfortable shoes – Empire competition days are long, you’re going to want comfortable shoes for in between trials.
  • Empire gear – Who wouldn’t want to sport some excellent Empire apparel? Don’t have any? Fear not:
  • Cruise attire – don’t forget your stylish dresses or whatever guys wear on dinner cruises at home


What to leave at home:

  • Shorts – have I mentioned that it’s cold?
  • Firearms, aerosol cans, nunchucks – they won’t let you bring them into the courthouse, so you might as well leave them home
  • I 💗 SF Shirt – don’t be that person
  • Bad attitude – Empire is a happy place for happy people


… Also don’t forget the flowers in your hair.


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