Empire Launches Need-Based Scholarship Initiative

Empire Mock Trial is proud to offer world-class programs, in vibrant cities, with motivated students from across the globe. The benefits of participating are priceless. But we recognize that the cost to compete can be daunting for some.

That is why Empire Mock Trial is pleased to announce new need-based scholarships, starting in the 2016 season.

With donor funds, Empire will offer full tuition scholarships (up to a $2,005 award) to one or more domestic teams at each location: New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco.

“Empire’s mission is to help mold young people into confident, culturally-aware leaders,” said Director of Competition Services, Sue Johnson. “We have always sought to host students from diverse backgrounds, but we recognize that cost can be a barrier for some.”

Empire’s Impact 2000 campaign is underway, and the organization seeks to serve 2,000 students per year by the end of 2017.  But as Empire Executive Director and Founder Justin Matarrese notes, “Expanding our impact is more than just increasing the number of students that we reach. It means expanding the communities that we serve.”

The deadline to submit scholarship applications is June 1, 2016. This is two weeks before the regular application deadline for Empire competitions. The complete application (regular and scholarship) is due at that time.  Teams will be evaluated based on demonstrated need and overall application quality.

To apply for a need based scholarship, please first review the prospective school section of our website: http://empiremocktrial.org/apply.

If you are interested in providing resources to help fund Empire’s need based scholarship initiative, please e-mail us here.

We are committed to eliminating economic barriers to participation in our programs.   Through our need-based scholarship initiative, we are taking the first step in making that vision a reality.



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