The Downtown moves Downtown


For the first time in its 11 year history, the Downtown is moving to downtown Manhattan.

The Downtown is Empire’s only college level program.  Coordinated in partnership with New York University, the event brings together the nation’s top trial advocacy teams.

For the first time in our tournament’s history, students will have the opportunity to truly experience “downtown” New York.

They’ll litigate a case in one of the nation’s most high profile courthouses, where the likes of Bernie Madoff and Abu Ghaith were prosecuted.

They’ll stay at a hotel that is situated a few blocks from the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere (One World Trade), next door to the touching 9/11 memorial.


On behalf of Empire Mock Trial, we are so excited to announce that the 2017 Downtown will be held entirely in lower Manhattan. Teams will stay at the New York Marriott Downtown and the trials will take place at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

This is the first all-Manhattan program that we’ve ever hosted, and we can’t wait to welcome you to New York City!

We’ll see you on January 21-23, 2017.


Empire Mock Trial thanks Judge Richard Sullivan and Sheila Henriquez of the SDNY for helping make this extraordinary opportunity possible for our students.


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